Personal Style Update

Whether you are ready for a complete overhaul or just need a seasonal tweak, schedule a free consultation to determine our next step

Environment Consulting

Your space says a lot about who you are. Custom interior styling and art procurement available.


Planning to sell? It's important to create an environment buyers can envision themselves thoroughly enjoying. The right look can reduce the time it takes to sell as well as increase selling price.

Does Your Look Need an Edit?

Years of experience in art, curating and hair styling have led the founder, Jamie Wilson, to develop an expert eye for shape, design and detail. These are the elements that influence how others perceive you even before you begin to communicate verbally.

Jamie has assembled a team to help you become the best version of you. The version that you want to share with the world. With her background in fine art, she can teach you to see the way she sees. She can even teach you how to determine whether that abstract painting that "looks like a 5 year old could do it" is really art.

Giving you the tools to become your own best editor is our primary concern. You will come away empowered, enabled and a better YOU: (curated).


Getting Started

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