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We never want to push our vision on you. Our aim is a thorough, thoughtful consultation to extract the image you want to project. Only after establishing the destination will we embark on the journey. The first consultation is always free of charge, so there is nothing to lose by taking the first step.

Our Story

Born out of years of art, design and styling experience, the founder became aware that there is no one-stop shopping for overall style makeovers like you might watch on a reality series. At least none attainable for the "everyday kind of person" who might benefit from a fresh perspective. This led to the creation of YOU: (curated). It is the beginning of your own transformation, starting from wherever YOU decide to start.

Meet YOUR Team

Each member brings a variety of experience to the table. We are always on the lookout for the best talent available to ensure YOU get the most current, most considerate and most quality experience possible.

Jamie Profile

Jamie Wilson

Stylist, Art, Interiors

Jamie brings years of gallery and curating experience to the team, along with a unique perspective on age appropriate looks. Picked up banjo for the hell of it last year, too.

Nic Profile

Nic Ohge

Stylist, Personal Shopping

Nic does the best hair and always finds the best clothing and accessories. He races and rebuilds motorcycles for fun. Talent galore. Wait until you hear his laugh.

Todd Profile

Todd & Shari Cerreta

Furniture Acquisition, Staging

Over the years, Todd and Shari (collectively known as Bonejax) have amassed numerous unique pieces ready for placement upon demand. They host a heck of a dinner party.

Next Steps...

Contact us via email and we will promptly assess your needs, schedule a free consultation and map a plan to your particular transformation.