Personal Styling

Update your look: From shoulders up to head-to-toe, we offer thoughtful and inspired consultation as well as wardrobe piece acquisition. If you desire simply a hairstyle tweak or a full makeover, we can work within any budget.

Environment Design

Update your space: Perhaps you just need an expert eye to re-arrange the cool stuff you've got. Or maybe you need to acquire and place new furniture, art, or both. Put us to work and live in your best space.


Get top dollar and maximum exposure for the property you are ready to sell. Our vast and unique furniture inventory as well as original artwork will set your listing apart and ensure your best offers.


whatever your budget...

We can work within it to maximize your results. We don't inflate the cost of the goods we acquire for you. In fact, our industry relationships can often even save you money.

Personalized Service

We carefully listen to your goals and desires. We will create a plan that is manageable for YOUR lifestyle.


Your Next Step...

Get in touch with us and we will take it from there!